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I’m a writer…a writer with an underwhelming social media presences.

To that end, I have a simple idea. It’s not original, so save the kudos.Essentially it’s an old fashion telephone tree. Not a cell phone tree — an old clunky avocado colored, screwed to the wall, Ma Bell phone kind of phone tree. (OK…you youngsters will need to google Ma Bell…and maybe phone cord.)

Here it is:

I am writer with 250 friends.

30 writers x 250 friends = 7500 placements.

Sales of 1% of 7500 = 75.

The question for this idea: Are sales of 1% – 10% of 7500 placements feasible?



Shelter in Place – by Josh Jones

Author: Josh Jones

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publishing Date: July 2017

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @JJonesLit



Quick Synopsis –

Shelter in Place follows Joe Taylor, a chronically homeless person fighting mental illness, on his path toward securing safety. With the help of Malik, a housing coordinator at Crossroads Emergency Men’s Shelter, Joe navigates the emotional minefields of social services, emergency room admissions and personal isolation to once again find a life beyond homelessness. From chaos into relative stability, Joe redefines success for himself, and provides an intricate new perspective on what we all need to remain intact as individuals.

ISBN-13: 978-1543089202
ISBN-10: 1543089208