IntrovertPRESS puts the literary community to work for you after you’ve typed those two magic words: The End. As Indie authors we recognize The End is only the beginning. Now you enter the less creative and more strategic area of marketing. Online communities can work for you if you are proactive in your efforts. It is our intention to provide small, but intensive promotions to place your title in front of our outreach network.

Our simple formula

  1. Submit a few pages of your work for us to review. (3-5 pages of good work)
  2. You create a post about your current book(s) for sale. (We have a template and we can help)
  3. We create a hyperlink to your post.
  4. We distribute your post to our network.
  5. Our network goes to work for you!
  6. That’s it…simple.

Our theory is that if members on this site have on average 250 friends/twitter followers. This means a post created and distributed here will be shared with thousands of potential new readers.

It’s always free. You can leave whenever you want. All you need to do is post our weekly spotlight post to your social media outlets.

If you are interested in networking with us, contact us here.


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