My name’s Josh and I’m an introvert.

An introvert (in·tro·vert or intrəˌvərt) is a noun. It means a shy, reticent person reluctant to engage in social mores. Stephen Hawking once said, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” I love that quote. It’s true, especially if you are a writer. Our brains churn ideas constantly and if we’re lucky we channel them into our stories.

I finished my novel SHELTERED in the spring of 2017. It was a cathartic moment typing those two words — THE END.  There it was, my manuscript – DONE. A solid year of my life transferred onto my google drive as a PDF. It was ready to publish.



Holy hell. The publishing world is in severe disarray. It’s nearly unrecognizable from the field it was five…ten…twenty years ago. Anyone can be published now. Literally anyone. The market has EXPLODED with self-publishing. Dragons are everywhere. There are self-help books to help you with your self-help books. And, space…the final fronteir…is so clogged with spaceships, parking on Mars has a waiting list.

And as over-crowded as self-publishing is, traditional publishing is the polar opposite.  Unless you made your name before 2010, it seems there is a veritable halt to signing new authors – unless you have a million+ social media platform or filmed a popular sex tape with a superstar.

So, if you are simply a writer who is talented with a driving ambition, what the hell do you do? Introvert PRESS may be the place for you. I started it because I was in the same place you are in right now: I had a great book and 1) couldn’t get an agent or publisher to consider it or 2) didn’t want to waste my time and effort on Amazon’s CreateSpace only to sell 5 copies to my friends. Sounds familiar?


Here’s what IP does:

1. Provides an opportunity to become traditionally published.

2. Connects you with a waiting audience and a marketing strategy.

3. Furthers your credentials by being a Contributing Writer, Guest Blogger or Content Provider for Introvert PRESS, LLC publications.


Interested? Nice.


The contact form below is your way to introduce yourself to Introvert PRESS. Don’t worry. We’re human. We are not asking you for a stagnant query letter. We won’t spend weeks hanging you out to dry as we assign an intern to reply with a form rejection letter. We are authors connecting authors. If we publish your work, that’s just the beginning. Even if we don’t publish your manuscript, we still want you involved! Please take a few minutes to fill out the contact fields below and we will get back to you within the week.

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